Thursday, July 1, 2021


Extension in Timelines Under Income Tax

The Govt. has provided certain reliefs to taxpayers vide press note posted on 25 June 2021 by PIB Delhi


Previous Due Dates

Extended due Dates




Linkage of Aadhaar with PAN

30th June, 2021

30th September, 2021

Last date of payment of amount under Vivad se Vishwas (without additional amount)

30th june,2021

31st Aug 2021*

-          do-  ( with Additional Amount)


31st October, 2021*

TDS return for Quarter 4 FY 2020-21

30th June 2021

15th July 21.

Application in Form No. 10A/ Form No. 10AB, for registration/ provisional registration/ Intimation/approval/ provisional approval of Trusts/Institutions/ Research associations etc.

30th June,2021

31st Aug 2021

The compliances by the taxpayers such as investment, deposit, payment, acquisition, purchase, construction or such other action etc.for any exemption under the provisions contained in Section 54 to 54GB of the Act, which were due from April 21 to 29.09.21(both days inclusive)


30th Sept, 2021

Equalization Levy Statement in Form No. 1 for the Financial Year 2020-21,

30th June, 2021

31st July, 2021

Exercising of option to withdraw pending application (filed before the erstwhile Income Tax Settlement Commission) under sub-section (1) of Section 245M of the Act in Form No. 34BB,

27th June

31st July, 2021




Furnishing  Form 16 to the employee

15th July, 2021

31st July 2021

Form 64 C /64D required to be furnished in case of Income paid or credited by an Investment fund to its unit holder for FY 20-21

30th June, 2021

15th July,2021

Quarterly Statement Form No. 15CC  by authorized dealer in respect of remittances made for the QE 30th June, 2021

15th July, 2021

31st July, 2021.

Uploading of the Declarations received  in Form No. 15G/15H during the quarter ending 30th June, 2021

15th July, 2021

31st August,2021







Time Limit for passing assessment order

30th June, 2021

30th Sept, 2021

Time Limit for passing penalty order

30th June, 2021

30th Sept, 2021

Time Limit for processing Equalisation Levy returns

30th June, 2021

30th Sept, 2021