Saturday, September 11, 2021

File Your Income Tax Return and E Verify it in easy steps

Easy way of  E Verifying your Income Tax Return which after filing either do it yourself or prepare for the same

- E verify through Mobile - Ensure your mobile number is linked with your Aadhar or get it linked on UID site
- E Verify through Bank Account - Give details of Bank Account , Whether Primary or Joint, IFSC Code, Type of Account, Branch Address and then your Mobile number linked with Bank Account number and E mail ID linked to that account.

- E Verify through D MAT Account, Net Banking Account and ATM Card is the other option for persons using such facilities or accounts.

Step by Step Income Tax Return Filing and E Verification

File your Income Tax Return Assessment Year 2021-22 i.e Financial Year 2020-21 

Login to Income Tax Portal at 

Enter PAN and then continue

Tick on Please confirm your secure access message

Enter Password  >  Continue

E File >  Income Tax Returns  > File Income Tax Return

Select Year 21-22

Online   or    Offline

Select Offline if you have json file Otherwise online

Select 139(1) Original Return or

Select 139(5) for Revised Return


Select Type ITR 1 or ITR 2 or ITR 3

Then select file json and then validate

After that please

 Select if want to

 e verify instant or

 e verify later

 Want to have ITRV and E Verify later


Want to e-verify your return Easy Steps

 I would like to verify using OTP on mobile number registered with Aadhaar

Generate Electronic Verification Code(EVC)

 Through Net Banking

Once you click on Continue, you will be logged out of e-Filing portal and will be redirected to a page, where you can select the bank to login through net banking

E-verify return using Net Banking

1. Login to the portal through net banking.

2. Go to respective functionality

3. Click on the e-Verify button against the corresponding ITR/Form/functionality

4. Your ITR/Form/functionality will be verified and process will be complete

Through Bank Account

To generate EVC, you need to validate and enable EVC on your bank account.

My Bank Account

By adding your bank account

We have to re validate the same and then enable for EVC.

It will take some time and then after getting message on mobile for validation successful, the EVC can be generated.

We can add Bank Account to:

1.   Add a bank account to receive refund.

2.   EVC can be enabled for Individual taxpayers and only for one validated bank account at any given point of time.

3.   To Enable EVC, Mobile number and Email Id as in e-filing profile should match with the details linked with the bank account.

4.   EVC can be used for following: verifying income tax returns and other forms, e-Proceedings, refund re-issue, reset password and secured login to e-filling account.

5.   Bank Account can be removed only if status is Validated or Validated and EVC enabled

6.   Validation failed accounts can be viewed under 'Failed bank accounts' tab.

7.   List of Bank Accounts listed to Generate EVC

-      Axis Bank Ltd

-      Canara Bank

-      Central Bank of India

-      ICICI Bank

-      IDBI Bank

-      Kotak Mahindra Bank

-      State Bank of India

Through Demat Account

To generate EVC, you need to validate and enable EVC on your demat account.

  By adding your demat account

  1. Generate EVC using this option.
  2. Using this option by quoting your PAN and Demat Account Number to reset your password using OTP(to the mobile number/email linked to the Demat account).
  3. Choose to secure your login using this option by entering User ID, Password and OTP(to the mobile number/email linked to the Demat account)

You can generate EVC through Bank ATM. To generate EVC through Bank ATM,      follow below      steps:

1.            Visit your bank’s ATM and swipe your ATM card.

2.            Click on the ‘Pin for Income Tax filing’.

3.               An EVC will be sent to the mobile number and e-mail ID registered with e-filing .

     This EVC is valid for 72 hours

     After generating EVC or OTP

     You can e verify your Income Tax Return

    By selecting

    - Instant through OTP on mobile linked with aadhar

    - I already have an Electronic Verification Code (EVC)

    - I already have an OTP on Mobile number registered with Aadhaar


  Successful message will be displayed.