Thursday, October 27, 2016

MCA extends the last date of filing of AOC-4 without additional fee

Today on 27.10.2016 MCAextends the last date of filing of AOC-4 without additional fee. Earlier
MCA issued a General Circular No. 08/2016 dated 29.07.2016 for extension of last date of filing of AOC-4 and MGT -7 ( XBRL and non XBRL), Now further extends the last date  for filing of financial statements and annual returns e-forms AOC-4, AOC-4 (XBRL) AOC-4 (CFS) and MGT-7 as the case may be, without payment of additional fee, wherever applicable till 29th November, 2016.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Extension of last date of filing of AOC-4

MCA extended the date in July to file AOC -4 and MGT -7 to 29.10.2016. But in case of MGT-7 the company gets 60 days from the date of AGM so due date generally taking 30.09.2016 as the last date for holding AGM comes to 29.11.2016.

MCA is changing the forms every now and then and AOC -4 ig generally is to be filled twice or thrice due to version cahnge or increase in size. Now last it was amended on 22.10.2016. How it is possible to file the documents in time?

MCA must extend the date of filing of AOC-4 to the next month i.e 29.11.2016 which is the last for filing of MGT -7 assuming AGM on 30.09.2016 due to festival season and the amendments made every now and then has made the professionals to work hard and still cut a sorry figure before family members, friends and relatives and clients. This year Tax Audit date was extended to 17.10.16.

Last dates during October 2016
15.10.2016                 Last date for filing of TCS Returns
17.10.2016                  Last date for filing of income tax return subjected to audit.
25.10.2016                  Last date for filing of Service Tax
25.10.2016                  Last date for D -VAT Returns
31.10.2016                  Last date for TDS returns

Changes made in

- Auditor's Report where as auditor has to comment on Contravention of any law by any company.
- Directors report to include so many things
- Forms AOC-4 ( XBRL and Non XBRL) changed in Oct,2016