Friday, January 4, 2013

Service Tax Registrations after 01.07.12 to be amended

According to Circular No 165/16/2012 ST dated 20-11-2012 the pre-July system of service-wise registration has been restored by CBEC.

New registrations: Applicants are required to indicate the service(s) from out of the 120 categories listed in the Circular. Further, Service-wise Accounting Codes have also been allotted for payment of tax, other receipt-interest and penalty (which are available for quick reference on our website
The Service Tax Registration Certificate in ST-2 will display the list of services for which the assessee is registered along with the new Accounting Codes.

Existing registrants: The assessees who had registered with the Service Tax Department after 01.07.2012 under the 'Other than in the Negative List' (OTNL) category should amend the taxable service details now and opt for relevant descriptions from the list of 120 services. After approval by the departmental officer, a new Registration Certificate in ST-2 will be issued online displaying the list of services chosen by the assessee along with the new Accounting Codes.
The existing registration number will remain unchanged.

Pending amendment applications: For all applications which have been filed and are pending for change, the description of services to OTNL category will be rejected by the departmental officers in view of the above mentioned circular.