Saturday, February 1, 2014

BE-1 & BE-2 For Booking Info from Banquet Halls, Farm Houses, Party Halls, Hotels, Open Grounds

Booking information from Banquet Halls, Farm Houses, Party Halls, Hotels, Open Grounds, in Form BE-1 & BE-2 
From 1st January, 2014 owner/ custodian of the venue has to enroll in BE-1 form and are required to file the information 3 days before the program. A unique enrolment number shall be given by the Department once the form BE-1 is submitted to the Department. 

-The eligible persons have to file both BE-1 & BE-2 manually and get the duplicate copy stamped from the office of concerned Zonal Addl. /Jt. Commissioner of the Department. 

-An enrolment number may be obtained on the next working day of filing manual BE-1. 
The concerned zonal in-charge shall take this unique number from Addl.  Commissioner 
(System) and pass on to the applicant on the next working day (to be recorded on the duplicate 
copy of BE-1). Later on, after switching over to electronic  mode, an enrolment certificate would 
be issued and delivered to all eligible entities.  

-It will be mandatory to mention the enrolment number on return form BE-2 and 
for all future correspondence with the Department. 

-It can be revised however, on revised return, word – 'Revise' may be mentioned. In the electronic mode, facility of drop down shall be provided. 
 The latest information shall be treated as final for a period. 

-Estimated value of food and liquor to be sold has to be provided While filing original BE-2.