Thursday, August 21, 2014

TDS Settlement Scheme and extension of due date for filing of Income tax Return for Asst Year 14-15

CBDT vide its order dated 20.08.2014 has extended the due date for obtaining and furnishing of the report of audit under section 44AB of the Act for Assessment Year 2014-15 but date of filing Income Tax Returns is the same i.e. 30th sep, 2014. It is very strange that in absence of finalization of tax audit report, how anybody can file Income Tax Return before 30/09/2014, as calculating disallowances under different sections and particularly TDS defaults.

Such an order for extension of Furnishing of Tax Audit Report is no relief but only the way out of Government delays in providing utility for New Tax Audit report. If Government delays in providing Utility for Uploading TAR then extension is declared but if any assessee due to genuine reason fails to furnish any info in time then laws are made very strict and assessee is subject to penalities.

CBDT had extended the date for OBTAINING & FURNISHING which means that date has been extended only for uploading the tax audit report by November 30th 2014.

But every assessee and Chartered Accountant is facing problem in TDS rectification for which CBDT should bring TDS Settlement or Correction Scheme to avoid litigation and before the last date of filing Income Tax return for Assessment Year 14-15.

TDS CPC is not helping in any manner and even a small clerical mistake by an accountant of Small organization is fatal for such organization and there is no remedy provided by TDS CPC or Jurisdictional TDS Officer.

Even TDS Facilitation Centres are instead facilitating only helping in uploading and working so negligently that huge demands are appearing on account of TDS Defaults.

Income Tax department should bring some scheme for rectification of errors in TDS Statements before bring into so strict and stringent law.  Excise and Service Tax Department declared Service Tax VCES scheme, MCA declared CLSS-14 after 3 earlier schemes. Now the need of the day is Income Tax Department / CBDT should declare some scheme for rectification of errors in TDS Statements.

Pooja Aggarwal