Monday, July 13, 2015

No need to send ITR-V to CPC for Asst Year 15-16

Income tax department has given four options for e-Verification of return while uploading a return for Asst Year 2015-16 and has omitted the need for sending ITR –V to CPC. ITR –V for Asst Year 2015-16 is required to be sent to CPC only one opts for the same choosing option 4 and not verifying the same online.  Now the procedure for E Filing of return and E verification while uploading a return is declared today by the Income Tax Department and is detailed as under:

1 Upload Return à Click Submit

2 The Return is uploaded (Pending for e-Verification)

3 Four e-Verification options provided –

Taxpayer can choose any one of the options provided to e-Verify the return and there is no need to send ITR V to CPC. Taxpayer has to provide EVC and Download Ack.
Ø Option-1 à “Already have an EVC and Submit EVC”
                         Provide EVC and Submit -> Download Ack and no need to send to CPC

Ø Option-2 à “Do not have an EVC and Generate an EVC”
A)   Generate EVC through Net Banking or
B)   Generate EVC to Email ID along with Mobile
i)             Login to e-Filing Portal through NetBanking and verify
ii)            Enter the EVC sent to your registered Email Id / Mobile Number and
                        Submit to e-Verify return. Download Ack.

Ø Option-3 à “To generate Aadhaar OTP to e-Verify my return”

Enter the Aadhaar OTP sent to Mobile Number registered with
Aadhaar and Submit to e-Verify return. Download Ack
Ø Option-4 à “To e-Verify later/ To send ITR-V”

Click on Continue à Download ITR-V and Submit ITR-V to CPC after signatures as earlier or can verify later with any one of the options given above 1,2,3