Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Easy Filing of AOC-4 as amended by MCA on 01-11-2015

MCA  has finally  notified New Forms  AOC-4, AOC -4A, AOC – 4-CFS AOC-4 (XBRL) available for filing with effect from 1st  Nov 2015
MCA has finally started upload of new forms as modified on 29-10-2015 and 01.11.2015. As per new Act and Rules attachment to AOC-4 has increased a lot. There are nearly 25-30 clauses in Directors’ report and because of AOC-2andMGT -9being part of the directors’ report are to be attached with Financial Statements and that too in one form AOC-4 while earlier there were two forms 23AC for Balance Sheet particulars and 23ACA for Profit and loss part of Financial Statements. However attachment to 23AC and ACA or any other form can be of 2.5 MB in size.
Earlier whenever Form 23AC was filed there was an option to select 23ACA and the again one more form upto 2.5 MB could have been filed and a valid Form was filed immediately.

Now because of heavy attachment MCA has given an option to file AOC 4A as addendum to file the attachments in one go and there is no panic to reduce the size of the file. Now with the option of AOC-4A at the time of filing AOC-4 is a good option to have the same convenience as earlier. WE should prepare AOC -4A along with AOC-4 to save time in filing of forms.

Easy filing of GT -7 follows