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Friday, May 6, 2016

Steps to upload TDS Regular Statements on Income Tax website

In a major move the income tax department has made it possible for TDS returns to be filed on the income tax e filing website. ( )
Note that only regular TDS statements (from Assessment Year 2011-12 onwards) can be uploaded on the income tax e filing website, correction statements will still have to be uploaded through
 Here are the pre-requisites to uploading your TDS statement on the income tax website –
  • TAN must be registered  at website
  • TDS statement which you want to upload should be prepared using RPU (Return Preparation Utility) and validated using FVU (File Validation Utility)
  • Valid DSC registered for e-filing
Step-by Step guide to register TAN at website
ü  Existing Users of Traces has to Login and click the link “Register with e-filing”
ü  Non-Existing users of TRACES must register with TRACES before registering their TAN with e-filing portal
Step2:  Fill in the requisite mandatory details for registration of TAN with E Filing Site  i.e  Address, Email ID, Landline number, Contact Number, PAN & Tan and Signatory/ authorized person’s details after that User is redirected to e-filing Registration Page & Submit
 A successful TAN registration message would be displayed. The user records are captured in the e-Filing application.
User will open ID at with PAN as userid and after entering password, Date of Incorporation/ Date of Birth and Capcha Letters
In the worklist ( Second from right option ) there will be Approval or Rejection of TDS Registration
Approve the TDS Registration if all Particulars OK and write in comments OK or if ant other info to be given as branch in case of multiple TAN or Same PAN and Submit
Step 4
 In order to activate the account, the user should click on the Activation link and enter the Mobile PIN. On success, the user account is activated
Open your ID with TAN number on

Step-by-step guide for uploading TDS statement on income tax department website.
Step 1
Go to  and Click on ‘Login Here’
 Step 2
Enter  TAN (user ID), Password and Captcha and click on ‘Login’
 Step 3
After logging in, go to tab named TDS and select option ‘Upload TDS’ from the drop down.
Step 4
In the form, provide the following details correctly
FVU Version
Assessment Year
Form Name
Upload Type
Click on ‘Validate’
 Step 5
Now in the following screen click on ‘Upload TDS ZIP file’ and upload the TDS/TCS statement
 Step 6
Now in the above screen go to ‘Attach the Signature file’ and upload the signature file generated using DSC Management Utility for the uploaded TDS ZIP file.
Generating Signature file is explained in Uploading of 15CA and 15CB with DSC
As this is the first time that this procedure is introduced so uploading the signature file generated with DSC management for registration of DSC will also be uploaded before uploading TDS Statement
Click on “Upload” button
 Step 7
Once the TDS statement is uploaded, success message will be displayed on the screen.
Compiled by Ms Suhasini Dang CA Finalist at Sandeep Ahuja & Co


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