Saturday, June 11, 2016

CBDT has notified Separate due dates for uploading 15G and 15H by the payer

CBDT vide Notification dated 09.06.16 has clarified the due date of quarterly  uploading by the payer 15G /15H declarations received from the payee in the given format and procedure on income tax portal
- For the period after 01.04.2016
- For the period from 01.10.15 to 31.03.16  
Earlier TDS returns were required to be filed or uploaded on income tax portal by the end of the next month after the end of the quarter i.e 30.06.16 up to 31.07.2016. Now separate dates are notified for uploading Form 15G/15H on income tax portal. The dates are given as under:
Quarters Fin Year 15-16 & 16-17
Due date of Filing 15G/15H
Due date furnishing TDS Statements
From 1st Oct 15 to 31st Dec,15
30th June 2016
Already Filed ( 15.01.16)
From 1st Jan 16 to 31st Mar,16
30th June 2016
Already Filed  (15.05.16)
From 1st Apr 16 to 30th June 2016
15th July 2016
31st July 2016
From 1st July 16 to 30th Sep, 2016
15th October 2016
31st October 2016
From 1st Oct 16 to 31st Dec, 2016
15TH January 2017
31st January 2017
From 1st Jan 17 to 31st Mar, 2017
30th April 2017
31st May 2017