Wednesday, November 16, 2016

DVAT date extended for filing of DVAT return for Quarter ended 30.09.16 and other updates


DVAT has further extended the last date for submission of DVAT return in DVAT Form -16, DVAT Form-17 and DVAT Form -48 for the quarter ended on 30.09.2016 from 14.11.16 to 21.11.16

MCA – Submission of Financial Statements

MCA has revised Form AOC-4, AOC -4 Addendum, AOC-4 CFS today on 16.11.16

Cash Deposits with Banks and PAN of Account Holders

Ø  On Income Tax site one more key is added to show  cash deposits in accounts of PAN holders.
Ø  Rule 114B of Income Tax amended for compulsory quoting of PAN in case of Cash deposit exceeding 50,000/- in a single day and/or total more than Rs.2.5 lacs during the period from 09.11.16 to 30.12.16
Ø  Rule 114E amended for filing of AIR report by banking companies and  co-operative banks. The banks are required to inform Income Tax Department for all cash deposits in one or more current accounts in excess of Rs.12.5 lacs or in excess of Rs.2.5 lac in one or more accounts of a person during 09.11.16 to 30.12.16