Friday, July 7, 2017

Checklist of information required for Income Tax Return for Asst year 2017-18 (Fin. year April 2016 to March 2017)

Checklist for Asst year 2017-18 (Fin. year April 2016 to March 2017)  of relevant  Information required for filing ITR (other than with Business Income):

Particulars ( The list is for important particulars but is not exhaustive and may include more  depending on case to case)
Requirements. Write NA if not applicable

No. of Bank  accounts. How many as on 31.3.2017?

Names, addresses, IFSC codes of all Bank Accounts

Cash deposits during 09.11.2016 to 30.12.2016 in all bank accounts- to be declared in ITR , if  Rs. 2 Lacs or more in aggregate of all accounts.

Whether Aadhar linked to PAN?
If not COPY OF AADHAR+ COPY OF PAN required.

Whether Aadhar and PAN particulars match?

Whether Mobile number on AADHAR is Correct?

Any earlier Bank a/c Closed?

New Bank A/c Opened?


Income from Various Employers
Form 16 and 12BA from all employers to be given.

If HRA exemption claimed (part/full)
Rent Paid Rs.................

Housing Loan
a)        Principal Repayment to ......................
b)      %age of ownership (if not 100%)
Copy of Certificate from Bank/Lending Institution

Housing Loan
a)       Interest Due for the FY 2016-17 (even if unpaid)
b)      %age of ownership (if not 100%)

Any Exempt income from employer ? Detail


a)       Rent received details from each let out property with Address of Properties.
b)      Deemed Rental Income (if more than one House Property but lying vacant)
c)       %age of ownership (if not 100%)

House tax paid during FY 2016-17 (including any arrear paid).(Note: Not allowed if unpaid)

CAPITAL GAIN- on any sale of Securities/ Properties etc - Full detail for Sale and Purchase with dates. Any exemption u/s 10 or deductions u/s 54 , 54F, 54EC etc - (Discuss with details)
Relevant evidences or detail


Savings account Interest total of  all Bank savings Accounts. (Please Don't ignore more particularly if over Rs. 10000 aggregate from all Banks)

Interest on Income Tax refunds for any earlier Year.

Interest on FDRs and Other Deposits:
a)       on which TDS has been deducted
b)      on which TDS not deducted

Exempt Incomes- PPF Interest for FY 2016-17
- any other (detail) ?

Any Other Income


Agriculture Income if any

Foreign Assets/Incomes - Details  (if any)

Form 26AS shall be downloaded by us

Please bring your Passbooks along for convenience of referrals required.
Passbooks/Bank statements

Purchase of Property during the year (if any) with sources.


Donation eligible u/s 80G/80 GGA/ 35AC. Please ensure that stamp/ printing on receipt  of Income tax exemption order under that section)
Copy of Receipt with Address with PAN of Donee.

Deduction u/s 80D for Medical Insurance/Preventive Health Checkups paid from S/a to ..........................

Deduction u/s 80C (upto Rs. 150000):
a)       PF
b)      PPF
c)       LIP
d)      Tuition fee of 2 Children
e)       Tax saver FDR
f)       Tax saver Mutual Fund
g)      Repayment of Housing Loan- Principal
h)      Installments for House/flat
i)        Any other

80CCD- NPS upto Rs. 50000 maximum

80DD- Expenses on Handicapped dependents
(Rs. 75000/125000)

80DDB- Expenses on Specified Diseases'
 Rs. 40000/60000/80000

80E- Interest on education loan

Deductions under any other Provisions

Any Brought forward unadjusted loss under Income from House Property or Capital Loss etc to be adjusted this year?

For Business / Professional Income- Books of accounts etc
( on cases to case basis )