Monday, June 8, 2020

How to File NIL GSTR-3B by SMS

The facility to file a NIL GST return in Form GSTR-3B through SMS has been announced by the government, and the functionality has been made available on the GST portal immediately.

The process to file a NIL return is as under.

Step 1: Initiate NIL Filing

a) Type the following in your SMS textbox: NIL<space>3B<space>GSTIN<space>Tax period
Example: NIL 3B 07XXXXXXXXXXXZX 052020 

b) Send to 14409

c) You will receive a code from VD-GSTIND:
123456 is the CODE for Nil filing of GSTR3B for 07XXXXXXXXXXXZX for period 052020. Code validity 30 min.

Step 2: Confirm NIL Filing

a) Type the following: CNF<space>3B<space>Code
Example: CNF 3B 123456

b) Send to 14409

c) You will receive the following from VD-GSTIND:
Your 07XXXXXXXXXXXZX GSTR3B for 052020 is filed successfully and acknowledged vide ARN is AA070219000384. Please use this ARN to track the status of your return.

For Assistance

a) Type HELP<space>3B
Example: HELP 3B

b) Send to 14409

c) You will receive the following from VD-GSTIND:
To file NIL return of GSTIN for May 2020: NIL 3B 07CQZCD1111I4Z7 052020. To confirm Nil filing: CNF 3B CODE. More details

The status of the returns so filed can be tracked on the GST Portal by logging in to the GSTIN account and navigating to Services>Returns>Track Return Status.