Tuesday, January 19, 2021

GST Premises Verification through App by Tax Officials

An app called the "GST-PV" is being launched through which all the Tax Inspectors of the GST Department will conduct physical verification of the premises of taxpayers with their smartphones, using GPS geo-tagging, photo and video recording.

This is being done to collect evidence on registered entities with incorrect information of their premises, or no physical presence on their registered premises.

In light of the same, we recommend to all that the following precautions be taken with respect to your GST registrations.

1) Put up a board with your registered name and GSTIN at all the locations of your registration.

2) Register additional places of business on your registration certificate to ensure all locations are mentioned on it.

3) Put up your GST Registration Certificate at a prominent place inside your premises.

4) Maintain proper documentary records of all your GST transactions in computerised form or physical, as prescribed under the law.