Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Understanding and Responding to Income Tax Notices for Confirmation Under Sec 133(6)


Receiving notices from the Income Tax Department for the confirmation of data filed by employees or employers can be common. These notices, under sections 133(6) and 133(6)A, aim to verify the accuracy of figures filed by other PAN and TAN holders. Responding correctly is essential, and here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1: Log in on the Portal through TAN / PAN Log in to the Income Tax Department portal using your TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number).

Step 2: Navigate to Reporting for Other PANs Find the reporting section designed for other PANs.

Step 3: Access Notices Look for the notices tab in the reporting section to find the notices issued under sections 133(6) and 133(6)A.

Step 4: Download XML of Request for Information Download the XML file attached to the notice or choose to respond online.

Step 5: Handle Multiple Items and Variations If the notice has multiple items and variations, download the XML and go to the Resource File.

Step 6: Access Utility In the Resource File, find and access the utility needed for responding.

Step 7: Download Request for Information Utility Download the Request for Information utility, usually found at No.2 in the utility section.

Step 8: Unzip Utility and Run Command Unzip the utility file and run the command to start the response process.

Step 9: Browse and Upload XML File Open the utility, go to 'open,' and upload the downloaded XML file.

Step 10: Confirm Data Discrepancies Check the data for confirmation against both the PAN and TAN Holder's records and your filed data.

Step 11: Provide Reasons for Variations If there are differences, explain them clearly and confirm if corrections are needed on your part.

Step 12: Validate File Check and validate the response file for accuracy.

Step 13: Create Response File for Online Submission After validation, create the response file for online submission.

Conclusion: Responding to Income Tax notices under sections 133(6) and 133(6)A is easier when you follow these steps. Navigate the online portal, download necessary tools, and provide accurate information for a timely and compliant response to the department's queries