Wednesday, February 21, 2024

E-Invoicing New Upgrades to GSTN Portal

Enhanced E-Invoicing Portal: New Features and Updates

The GSTN has recently upgraded the e-invoicing portal, introducing a series of enhancements aimed at improving taxpayer experience. Key updates include:

  • PAN-Based Search: Enables checking e-invoice status using PAN.
  • Automatic Exemption List: Monthly updated list of GSTINs exempt from e-invoicing.
  • Improved Search Functionality: Global and local search options for quicker information retrieval.
  • Organized Advisory and FAQs: Easier navigation with year and month-wise organization.
  • Daily Invoice Statistics: Access to daily e-invoice generation numbers.
  • E-Invoice QR Code Verifier App Info: Dedicated section for app support and information.
  • Website Accessibility Enhancements: Features for better usability following GIWG guidelines.

These updates follow the successful processing of over 1.6 crore e-invoices last year through the new IRP portals, showcasing the efficiency of the system. With the expansion to six IRP portals, the process for reporting e-invoices is now more accessible, allowing for online reporting, API, or mobile app submissions at no cost. The portal also supports hourly updates to GSTR-1 and offers e-invoice downloads for the past six months. An improved version of the E-invoice QR Code Verifier App is set to launch soon, further aiding taxpayer compliance.