Friday, January 17, 2014


Online Filing of TDS correction is enabled from Financial Year 2013-14. Presently online filing of TDS Correction has been enabled only for two types of corrections i.e PAN and Challan Correction. Without Class II & Class III Digital Signature we would not be able to file online correction.

Step 1: Log in to Traces website using User ID & Password if the deductor is already registered otherwise first register yourself on traces.

Step 2: Register your Digital Signature and Go to Default menu & Select “Request for Correction”.

Step 3: Select the Correction Category, Form type, Quarter &Financial Year for which correction is sought.

Step4: Enter Token No. of the Quarter whose correction is to be filed & Click on “Submit Request”.

Step5: After submission of request a request number is received. This request no.  would be required to  track correction request.

Step6: Go to “Default” menu & Select “Track Correction Request”. There are two options of tracking request status.

            Option 1: Here you can track the correction request status only if you have the request no. with you.

            Option 2: Here no such request no. is required. Only by selecting the request period you can get the details of                                         request status.

Step7: When the Status shows”Available” then only we can file correction. Click on “Available” user will be navigated to                File Correction page and correct the Pan or Challan.

Step 8: In “Action summary” user can view the Corrections made by him just by Clicking on “View Corrections”.

Step 9: After that click on “Confirm” to submit the correction & Select option “Correction Ready for Submission”

Step10: Click on Submit for Processing & Confirm it by authenticating with Digital Signature of the person whose has deducted the tax. A message regarding confirmation of submission and new token number would be appeared in this message.

Contibuted by Shiwali Shukla, CA Finalist, Article at Sandeep Ahuja & Co