Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DSC Utility updated for uploading Signatures generated file with XML file with Income Tax Department

New Online Procedure for Uploading Generated Signature with Income Tax Return (XML File)
Now there is amendment in the procedure of attaching signature through DSC- pfx / USB token. Income Tax department has given a Utility for attaching signatures with any file to be uploaded online under digital signatures.  Now the steps to upload Income Tax Return under DSC is as under :
v Generate E-Return in .XML
v  Go to DSC Management Utility if not downloaded then,
Download “ITD e-Filing DSC Management Utility” from the link provided in e-Filing website at the time of XML upload. The utility will be opened
v  Fill PAN of the assessee and the PAN of the Signatory
v  Register DSC if not registered earlier
v  Browse .XML File
v  Select the type of Digital Signature Certificate.
ü  USB Token
ü  .PFX file
v  Generate Signature File
v  Keep both the file ( ITR xml & Generated Signature File) in a folder named fake path on C-drive
v  Log in to E-filling by User ID (PAN), Password, DOB/DOI
v  Select XML ITR  Form and then Select Generated Signature File
v  Submit and get Acknowledgement
Similarly for other forms to be filed with the Income Tax department the Digital Signature file is to be generated with respect to that form and to be uploaded with same.

The above procedure is to be followed for uploading 15CA, 3CD,3CEB, Form 10 and others.

Contributed by : CA Shalu Gupta, Sandeep Ahuja & Co