Wednesday, March 30, 2016


MCA has changed all E –Forms after introduction of CRC. MCA has changed the total portal of MCAS and old Forms are not compatible with New Portal as MCA has revised almost all E –Forms with effect from 27th March,2016.. 
Due to Changes on the portal effects are:
-          The New E-Forms immediately effective will be CHG-8. INC -12
-          The new e-forms will come into effect from the date of notification are related to Investor Education and Protection Fund  i.e IEPF 1 to IEPF -6
-          The CRA-4 New E-Form for filing Cost Audit Report with the Central Government will be available from 11th of April,2016
-          The Refund Forms for excess fee paid due to any reason recoverable from MCA will be available from 25th of April,2016
-          The availability of E-Form 23C, 23D, I-XBRL and A-XBRL will be notified later.
-          The Old E-Forms 23AC, 23AC-XBRL, 23ACA XBRL, 20B, Form 66 ,21A and 23B applicable for earlier years effective in earlier Companies Act, will be filed as attachments with GNL-2 whenever will be notified.

-          Forms INV-1 and INV -5 are withdrawn