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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Steps to get the rectification in TAN data Base on TRACES

Sometimes there are errors which come to the notice while generating TDS Certificates i.e Form 16 and 16A through TRACES. Here we have given the steps to rectify the TAN data base Correction.
How can I rectify or correct address and other details on the basis of which TAN was allotted?
If there is any change in the data provided in the application for allotment of TIN (i.e. data provide at the time of allotment of TAN), then such change is to be communicated to the Income Tax Department by intimating the change in , the "Form for Change or Correction in TAN data".
Duly filed form should be submitted to the TIN Facilitation Centres or an online application can be made at
How can I Change/ Correction Category of Deductor, PAN Of Deductor, PAN of Authorized Person, Communication details address or other details on traces Web Site?
Step1: Log in to Traces
Step2: Click on Profile tab
·         Please enter Token Number of Regular Statement Filed for Financial Year, Quarter and Form Type mentioned below
·         Authentication code is generated after you fill in the below details and submit. If you have already generated the Authentication Code today for this statement, please enter and proceed else fill in the details below
·         If you do not have Authentication Code, please enter the token number as required
·         Please enter a Challan with at least three distinct valid PAN-Amount combinations corresponding to the statement mentioned above. If there is no such Challan, mention a challan with at least two valid PAN-Amount combinations. If there is no such challan, mention a challan with at least one valid PAN-Amount combination. If you do not have any such challan, mention a challan with no valid PAN-Amount combination and also select the checkbox (no valid PAN Dedcutee row) in the PAN Details section below.
·         Please enter three distinct PAN-Amount combinations corresponding to the challan details mentioned above. If there are less than three PANs corresponding to the specified challan, mention all available (one or two) PAN-Amount combinations.

Step 4: After Clicking Proceed tab we will find following three tabs.
1. Organization details-Under this tab we can modify/change Category of Deductor, PAN Of Deductor & PAN of Authorized Person.
2. Communication details-Under this tab we can modify/change address for communication along with email and phone number.
3. Change Password: This tab is for Changing Existing Password.
*After updating , Click save
PAN Data base Correction follows next.
Contributed by Tanuja Thapa at Sandeep Ahuja & Co

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