Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Compliance calendar for January 2024

Due DatesDayCompliance ParticularsForms/(Filing Mode)Section/Law
07.01.2024SaturdayDeposit of Tax deducted/collected for December 2023Income-tax Challan
07.01.2024SaturdayTDS deposit (Sections 192, 194A, 194D, 194H)Sections 192, 194A, 194D, 194H
10.01.2024TuesdayGSTR 7 for December 2023GSTR-7GST
10.01.2024TuesdayGSTR 8 for December 2023 (E-commerce TCS)GSTR 8GST
11.01.2024WednesdayGSTR-1 for turnover > INR 1.5 crore (December)GSTR 1GST
11.01.2024WednesdayTDS Payment for December 2023-Income Tax
13.01.2024FridayGSTR-1 for turnover up to INR 1.5 crores (Quarterly, Oct-Dec)GSTR 1GST
13.01.2024FridayGSTR-5 for non-resident persons (December)GSTR 5GST
13.01.2024FridayGSTR-6 for Input Service Distributor (ISD) (December)GSTR 6GST
13.01.2024FridayProfessional Tax (PT) on Salaries for December 2023-Professional Tax
15.01.2024SundayProvident Fund (PF) & ESI Returns and Payment for December 2023-Provident Fund, ESI
18.01.2024WednesdayCMP-08 for Quarterly (Oct-Dec)CMP-08GST
20.01.2024FridayGSTR-3B for turnover > INR 5 crore (December)GSTR 3BGST
20.01.2024FridayGSTR-3B for turnover up to INR 5 crore (December)GSTR 3BGST
20.01.2024FridayAnnual Turnover > INR 5cr in Previous FY (GSTR 3B)GSTR 3BGST
22.01.2024SundayGSTR-3B G-1 for Quarterly (Oct-Dec)GSTR 3B G-1GST
24.01.2024TuesdayGSTR-3B G-2 for Quarterly (Oct-Dec)GSTR 3B G-2GST
30.01.2024MondayQuarterly TCS certificate for December 2023TCS certificateIncome Tax
30.01.2024MondayTDS Payment in Form 26QB, 26QC, 26QD for December 2023-Income Tax
30.01.2024MondayIssue of TCS Certificates in Form 27D for Oct to Dec 2023Form 27DIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayQuarterly TDS statement (Oct-Dec)TDS QuarterIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayQuarterly return of non-deduction by banking companyQuarterly return of non-deductionIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayOpt for alternative tax regime under Section 115BAASection 115BAAIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayIntimation by Sovereign Wealth Fund (Investment in India)Sovereign Wealth FundIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayIntimation by Pension Fund (Investment in India)Pension FundIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayForm No. 15CC for foreign remittances (Authorized dealers)Form No. 15CCIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayForm 15G/15H declarations received (Quarter ending Dec 2023)Form 15G/15HIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayForm No. 49BA by specified fund (Quarter ending Dec 31, 2023)Form No. 49BAIncome Tax
31.01.2024TuesdayCMP-08 for Quarterly (Oct-Dec)CMP-08GST
31.01.2024TuesdayGSTR-3B for December 2023 (Monthly)GSTR 3BGST
31.01.2024TuesdayGSTR-3B for South India (Oct-Dec)GSTR 3BGST
31.01.2024TuesdayGSTR-3B for North India (Oct-Dec)GSTR 3BGST
31.01.2024TuesdayTDS Return in Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q for Oct to Dec 2023-Income Tax