Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Simplified Guide on Changes in ITR-6 for AY 2024-25

Simplified Guide on Changes in ITR-6 for AY 2024-25

1. Details of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

  • What is LEI?: A unique 20-character code identifying parties in financial transactions.
  • New Requirement: Companies involved in single payment transactions of Rs. 50 crores or more must provide their LEI number, especially if seeking a refund of this amount or more.
  • Preparation Steps: Obtain an LEI if necessary and maintain records of eligible transactions with LEI details.
AspectDetailsAction Required
LEI Code20-character identifier for large financial transactionsObtain LEI; record LEI details for transactions over Rs. 50 crores

2. New ‘Schedule 115TD’ for Tax on Accreted Income

  • Applicability: Affects funds or institutions changing from a charitable to a non-charitable form, or failing to renew registrations under Section 10(23C) or Section 12AB.
  • What to Report: Tax payable on accreted income (assets minus liabilities) at the maximum marginal rate.
  • Preparation Steps: Monitor charitable status; maintain asset and liability records; document tax payments.
AspectDetailsAction Required
Accreted IncomeTax on income from assets during status changesTrack assets, liabilities; calculate and report accreted income tax

3. Capital Gains Accounts Scheme (CGAS) Details in Schedule-CG

  • New Requirements: Include date of deposit, account number, and IFS code for CGAS deposits.
  • Preparation Steps: Document all CGAS transactions with these additional details.
AspectDetailsAction Required
CGASDetails for capital gains depositsRecord date, account number, IFS code for each CGAS deposit

4. Schedule 80GGC for Contributions to Political Parties

  • What to Report: Contributions made to political parties or electoral trusts, including date, amount, contribution method, and transaction reference number.
  • Preparation Steps: Keep detailed records of all political contributions.
AspectDetailsAction Required
Political ContributionsDetails of contributions to political partiesDocument date, amount, method, and transaction details

Summary for Easy Compliance

  • LEI Details: Obtain an LEI if necessary and record LEI details for large transactions.
  • Accreted Income Tax: For entities changing their charitable status, maintain detailed financial records and report tax on accreted income.
  • CGAS Details: Document additional details (date, account number, IFS code) for every CGAS deposit.
  • Political Contributions: Maintain thorough records of all contributions to political entities, including transaction details.

By preparing for these changes in advance and maintaining detailed records, companies can ensure a smooth and compliant income tax return filing process for the Assessment Year 2024-25.