Thursday, January 25, 2024

Geotagging and Tax Benefits with MCD Smart App


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has made geotagging of properties mandatory to enhance real-time information on taxable properties. Avail a 10% property tax rebate by completing geotagging before January 31 next year. Though it has sparked concerns among property owners, this guide provides easy steps for a seamless process.

Geo-Tagging Your Property:

For Property Owners with UPIC:For Property Owners without UPIC:
1. Open UMA app and choose the citizen option.1. Generate UPIC for your property.
2. Log in with your details.2. Follow steps for geotagging after obtaining UPIC.
3. Select UPIC for geotagging using your registered mobile number.
4. Choose Property UPIC, go to the Action button, and click 'geotagging' for the map location to appear.

MCD Smart App Installation:

For Android Users (7.x & Lower):For Android Users (8.x & Higher):For iOS Users:
1. Go to Settings > Lock screen and security/Security.1. Go to Settings > Apps.1. Click "Download iOS" and install "MCD Smart" app.
2. Enable Unknown sources.2. Tap the Menu icon > Special access > Install unknown apps.2. For iOS 9.0/9.1, go to Settings > General > Profiles > Trust.
3. Review the prompt and tap OK.3. Allow installation from the unknown source.3. For iOS 9.2+, go to Settings > General > Device Management > Trust.

Using MCD Smart App for Attendance:

For GPS Attendance:

  1. GPS Attendance > Self > Today's GPS Attendance > In Time > Next > Click Camera icon (to take a selfie) > Mark Today's Attendance.
  2. "IN ATTENDANCE SAVED SUCCESSFULLY" message will appear.
  3. Check Attendance history in GPS Attendance > Self > Today's GPS Attendance > Attendance History.
  4. Mark out time by selecting "Out Time" in place of "In Time."

Paying Tax and Downloading Receipt:

1. Login using your registered mobile number.1. Validate OTP and login.
2. Click PayTax for the desired UPIC, select the Financial Year, and submit.2. Geo-tag your property at its location.
3. Pay tax through digital payment.3. Download tax receipts using the "Tax Paid Details" option & Click Download Receipt.

Answers to FAQs:

If the app is loading endlessly.Check mobile network or reinstall from
De-register the app from the old device if facing issues.From the app, go to “Setting Icon” (Android) or “More icon” (iOS) and click “De-register Device.” OTP will be received for further action.
Change your mobile? De-register from the old device before installing on the new one.Coordinate with your department or call support team for assistance.
Enter office location and address in the database for smooth app usage.Enable location and camera permissions on your mobile.

Now, enjoy the convenience of geotagging and smart attendance with the MCD Smart App.