Monday, April 1, 2024

Statutory Compliance Calendar, April 2024

Navigating through the compliance requirements of April 2024, it's crucial for professionals to mark their calendars with important due dates across various regulatory domains, including GST, Income Tax, MCA, PF, and ESIC laws. Below is a structured overview to aid in your planning and ensure timely compliance.

GST Compliance Deadlines

Due DateCompliance Detail
07-04-2024TCS Payment for March 2024; TDS/TCS Payment for Govt. Offices for March 2024.
10-04-2024GSTR-7 and GSTR-8 for March 2024.
11-04-2024GSTR-1 for turnovers >Rs.5 crore or those outside QRMP for Jan-Mar quarter.
13-04-2024GSTR-6, GSTR-1 for QRMP, and GSTR-5 for non-resident taxable persons.
14-04-2024Issue of TDS Certificate for Section 194-IA, 194-IB, 194M, 194S for February 2024.
15-04-2024Form No. 15CC for quarter ending March 2024; Form no. 3BB for stock exchange transactions for March 2024; PF & ESIC payment for March 2024.
18-04-2024CMP-08 for composition dealers.
20-04-2024GSTR-5A and GSTR-3B for turnovers >Rs.5 crore or those outside QRMP for Jan-Mar quarter.
22-04-2024GSTR-3B – QRMP for specific states and UTs.
24-04-2024GSTR-3B – QRMP for remaining states and UTs.
25-04-2024ITC-04 for goods sent to/received from a job worker for Oct 23 - March 24 period.

Income Tax & Other Compliance Deadlines

Due DateCompliance Detail
30-04-2024Form 24G for government offices for March 2024; Form 15G/15H for quarter ending March 2024; TDS Payment for various sections for March 2024; Form No. 61 for declarations received from Oct 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024; GSTR-4 for composition scheme taxpayers; Form MSME-1 for half-yearly return regarding payments to MSMEs.


April 2024 brings a suite of compliance obligations across various regulatory frameworks. Adherence to these deadlines is not just about regulatory compliance but also about sustaining operational integrity and contributing to a transparent business environment. Planning ahead with a clear understanding of these deadlines allows professionals and businesses to allocate resources effectively, avoid last-minute rushes, and ensure compliance is met with precision. The structured tabulation provided aims to serve as a roadmap for navigating through April's compliance requirements, facilitating a smoother transition into the financial activities of the new fiscal period.