Saturday, April 6, 2024

TDS Rate Chart for FY 2024-25 and AY 2025-26

Here's a simplified version of the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) rate chart for FY 2024-25, including sections, nature of payments, thresholds, and applicable rates. This table makes it easier to understand the various TDS rates for different types of payments.

SectionNature of PaymentThresholdTDS Rate (Individual/HUF)TDS Rate (Others)
192SalariesAbove Rs. 2,50,000As per Income SlabAs per Income Slab
192APremature EPF WithdrawalAbove Rs. 50,00010%10%
193Interest on SecuritiesAbove Rs. 10,00010%10%
194Payment of DividendAbove Rs. 5,00010%10%
194AInterest (Banks/Post Office)Rs. 40,000 (Rs. 50,000 for SC)10%10%
194BLottery, Puzzles, Games WinningsAggregate of Rs. 10,00030%30%
194BBHorse Race WinningsAbove Rs. 10,00030%30%
194CContractor/Sub-contractor Payments (Single)Above Rs. 30,0001%2%
194CContractor/Sub-contractor Payments (Aggregate)Above Rs. 1,00,0001%2%
194DInsurance Commission (Domestic Companies)Above Rs. 15,000NA10%
194DInsurance Commission (Other Companies)Above Rs. 15,0005%NA
194DAMaturity of Life Insurance PolicyAbove Rs. 1,00,0005%5%
194EENSS PaymentsAbove Rs. 2,50010%10%
194FMutual Fund RepurchaseNo Limit20%20%
194GLottery Ticket CommissionAbove Rs. 15,0005%5%
194HCommission or BrokerageAbove Rs. 15,0005%5%
194IRent (Land/Building/Furniture)Above Rs. 2,40,00010%10%
194IRent (Plant/Machinery)Above Rs. 2,40,0002%2%
194IATransfer of Immovable PropertyAbove Rs. 50,00,0001%1%
194IBRent by Individual/HUF (not covered under 194I)Rs. 50,000 per month5%NA
194ICPayments under JDANo Limit10%10%
194JProfessional/Technical ServicesAbove Rs. 30,00010% / 2%10% / 2%
194KIncome from Mutual Fund UnitsAbove Rs. 5,00010%10%
194LACompensation for Immovable PropertyAbove Rs. 2,50,00010%10%
194LBInterest from Infrastructure Bonds (NRI)NA5%5%
194LBA(1)Income from Business TrustNA10%10%
194LDInterest on Bonds/SecuritiesNA5%5%
194MContract, Commission, Professional FeeAbove Rs. 50,00,0005%5%
194NCash Withdrawal (Filed ITR)Above Rs. 1,00,00,0002%2%
194NCash Withdrawal (Not Filed ITR)Above Rs. 20,00,0002%2%
194OE-commerce operator payment to sellerNA1%1%
194QPurchase of GoodsAbove Rs. 50,00,0000.10%0.10%
194STransfer of Virtual Digital AssetsNA1%1%

NA: Not Applicable or Not Available in this context. The rates and thresholds are subject to change based on government policies. Always consult the latest finance act or a tax professional for the most current information.